fuckyeahcheatingwives: Meredith was so smart,…


Meredith was so smart, her boyfriend thought. He really admired it. He could barely do math. But she explained that even though, at eight inches long, his cock was double her husband’s length and, at six inches around, it was one and a half times his girth, that his cock was actually more like three times bigger than her hubby’s in dimension. And she also said that on average he spurted 12 times the jizz compared to her husband’s little dribble each time he came. Though volume did vary from orgasm to orgasm. He also averaged three times more erections per session than her husband. Though she assured him that if they had all the time in the world he could better that. His erections were significantly harder than hubby’s, hit many more spots, and felt infinitely better than her husband’s erections. Given that she could count on one hand the number of times her husband had made her cum and he’d made her cum countless times, she said that she couldn’t really calculate how many times more he made her cum, but the number was astronomical. And the power of her orgasms with him was off the charts. But she loved them both equally, just in different ways.