fuckyeahcheatingwives: He met her at work. Wa…


He met her at work. Waiting on her and her friends. Her name was Zandra. She was like Lithuanian or Romanian or something. Married to a rich, old guy, apparently. The whole table was flirting with him. Except for her. She was quiet, but she stared. He caught her checking him out from across the room a couple times. She caught him as well. One of her single friends got his number. She actually looked in her friends phone and grabbed his number. She called him and asked him out in broken english.

They met for coffee around noon. She told him how bored she was with her life as a housewife. She had dreams of America and the reality was that she had a nice house and all the material possessions she could ask for, but a husband who just wasn’t interesting. He told her how attractive she was and she blushed. She said he was the cutest guy she’d seen in America. That he should be an actor. He told her he was a singer. They went back to his place so he could show her some videos of him and his rock band. That made her super hot and she jumped him.

She’d never had a cock as big as his. She could barely deal at first, but she got used to it and came all over him as he banged her all afternoon, sending her home wet and sticky.