Dan didn’t have this in mind when he bou…

Dan didn’t have this in mind when he bought his young girlfriend the sexy schoolgirl outfit for her birthday. Haley just really wanted a more authentic schoolgirl experience. Justin and Mark were still in college and much closer to high school age than 40-year-old Dan. Plus they were more the type of boys she would have gone for in high school. She’d matured a lot and she could never go back to those days when she had younger, less financially secure boyfriends. Still, she explained to Dan, it was nice to pretend. Plus, she’d always wanted to get banged by two really hot guys at once. It would be kind of silly for her to wear the outfit for him, she said, because she never would have gone for him back then. Maybe if he had a bigger dick and wasn’t fat and was more like a put together hot dad of one of her friends she’d have considered it. But he didn’t and he was, so he’d just have to settle for sitting, tied to a chair in the corner, crying through his cloth gag while she acted out her fantasy and thanked him for his gift.