He had always been awkward around his friend&r…

He had always been awkward around his friend’s wife because he was infatuated with her and his friend was a jealous and insecure jerk. He found himself sneaking looks at her ass in her sexy jeans or accidentally brushing up against her in the hall. He honestly couldn’t tell if he was acting normally or not. It was torture.

It was a lot easier now that he had seen her naked and and knew first-hand what her pussy felt like and what she could do with her mouth. He didn’t have to steal looks when no one was watching, he could totally act normal around his friends when she was there. He could just wait until tomorrow when she stopped by after work, and he’d undress her, explore every inch of her body, listen to her whimper and moan his name, and have his way with her while no one else was there to see it.