The last time John’s neighbor had an all…

The last time John’s neighbor had an all night party, his wife couldn’t sleep so he went over to ask them to keep it down. They didn’t respond well to that, and things eventually escalated into a fight that sent John to the ER for stitches.

The next time they had a party, not wanting to get his ass kicked again, John sent his wife to talk to them. She was 100 lbs, petite, and innocently shy. He assumed they wouldn’t dare hit her, and he was right. Instead, the neighbor got her drunk and found much more entertaining things to do with her. When she didn’t return, John lay awake in bed afraid to go find her. Instead he tortured himself with mental images of the neighbor putting his big dick in her small body while she looked up at him in awe, of her ashamed but coming anyway, way too quickly, fucked into complete submission in the stranger’s bed.

The next day, when she finally wandered home, she told him that was pretty much exactly what happened.