xstacey4u: Room 718 It had been a long day on…


Room 718

It had been a long day on the road and I was very anxious to finally be meeting him. After months of chatting online about anything and everything, especially about fucking I was extremely horny and wet beyond imagination. It had only taken couple short conversations for him to know how to push just the right buttons to have me cumming in seconds. I knew that night was going to be unforgettable! Just as I reached to turn the water to the bathtub off, the hotel alarm went off for everyone to evacuate. There I stood almost completely naked in disbelief. For real… he was to be there any minute… In and a frantic panic I put clothes on, grabbed my phone, coat, and purse before exiting. Just as I got to my vehicle, he sent me a message… What’s going on here? I took a deep breath… my heart was already beginning to race… my pussy immediately started throbbing…. this was it… it was finally going to happen.

He walked out the front of the hotel… I immediately spotted him…his ginger gave him away… a huge smile went across my face….he walked up to me…. and gave me a short kiss… it was the kind of kiss that draws you in… leaves you wanting more….soft lips… inviting tongue…. mmmm so nice…. If he only had only known how close I was to cumming, he would have made that first kiss just a little longer just to watch me cumming in front of all the hotel guests.
The six inch stiletto heels that wrapped my feet made it impossible to enter the back seat of the van with out giving him the full view up my short full skirt. As the door shut, I reached to start the van and he smacked my ass making me have to take a deep breath in and out. I wanted to just throw him down and fuck him so badly. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the second. I had to calm myself. I sat down in the seat beside him. He unzips his pants and…unf…. pulls his rock hard…. fat… curved … cock out for me to worship. My mouth immediately began to water. I caressed his cock with my hand and began to lick it with my hot, wet tongue. Then slowly slide my mouth down the length of his shaft, while massaging the undside with my tongue. Gawd his cock felt so good in my mouth. So hard… so smooth… so thick… unf … and his pre cum tasted divine…. as my mouth encased his cock, my hand followed…. twisting my head and hand with every stroke… Just as he said “Uhh babe, you give good head” he reached up my skirt between my legs discovering my wetness before even touching my pussy. I was shaking inside. “Gawd babe you are already ready!” It took every ounce of self control to fight back cumming right there. … He then slid one finger along my slippery slit. I began to moan with his hard, fat, curved cock in my mouth. Then he inserted a finger into my pussy. I gasped…It was all I could do to keep from immediately cumming. I slid down between the seats to divert his fingers away from my pussy and so that I could take more of his cock into my mouth and throat….Wrapping my arms around his muscular legs and forcing his cock against the back of my throat still trying to distract myself from my aching pussy. Needing to fuck him…..Wanting to lose all control and go wild. But I knew I had to wait to get into the hotel room where I had left the condoms! Fuck why couldn’t I have remembered to grab the condoms ….

💋 TO BE CONTINUED! ( . Y . )

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This is a story about me and her @xstacey4u