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I found marijuana in her car during a routine …

I found marijuana in her car during a routine security check. That’s grounds for immediate dismissal here. She was pretty distraught, lots of crying. She swore that her husband must have left it in her car and that she never touched the stuff. Begging, telling me she had young kids and that she needed her job.

Normally she doesn’t get an appeal and it doesn’t matter what her excuses are. But I’m not entirely without mercy, and she’s a pretty one, even with tears ruining her makeup. So I told her to pull her car around the garage in the back and we would find another way to deal with it.

Her husband, John, was always a bit insecure a…

Her husband, John, was always a bit insecure about their relationship and recent work stress and financial trouble was making it worse. Then she did something stupid. They were hanging out at their apartment complex pool one Saturday and the landlord’s college-aged kid was in town and he was cocky enough to flirt with her right in front of him. She thought it was cute and harmless, so she flirted back. She felt playful and sexy in her little bikini. But John was devastated. He barely talked to her for days and she knew it would be weeks before he would touch her again in the bedroom. And he wasn’t keeping up with her needs as it was.

While she was pouting about all of that and feeling sorry for herself, her ex-boyfriend called. He was back in the country briefly and wanted to take her to lunch. She should have said “no”, but instead she met him and, three glasses of wine later, she invited him back to her apartment, hours before her husband would be home. They were barely in the door before she had his cock out of his pants and they had a marathon fuck session that left her bruised and satisfied, just like old times. Her marital bed had never seen so much action, she thought the box spring would break.

She really needed it, but she felt terrible after he left, bad enough to be physically ill. For two days she had to have a few drinks just to face her clueless husband, who was still hurt over the damn pool incident but fortunately didn’t seem to guess something else had happened. And, since he was still not sleeping with her, he wouldn’t notice the hand-print on her ass. She told herself it was all a stupid mistake and that she would have to live with the guilt and make sure he never found out anything. And she told herself no matter how good the sex, no matter how much she needed a proper fuck, she was never, ever going to betray him like that again.

One week later, as she was just getting out of the shower and thinking about what to do with the day, the doorbell rang. It was the landlord’s son, the one that started this whole mess at the pool. He didn’t say anything, he just held up his phone with a cocky smile on his face. On it was several moments of footage from the building security camera, just enough to show her kissing her ex-boyfriend goodbye at her door. She was in a bathrobe, open enough to show the curve of her breasts, and her ex had his hands all over her. Her hair was a mess and they were kissing like they meant it – any idiot could tell they had just fucked. She was caught. He looked at her with a smile and let his eyes wander all over her. She was wearing the same bathrobe. He expected to be let in, and not just to the apartment. There wasn’t anything she could do this time, so she stepped back and opened the door. Then she led him to her bedroom and obediently dropped her robe.

They had a deal. She was terrified of getting…

They had a deal. She was terrified of getting pregnant but he wasn’t going to use a condom and she couldn’t go on the pill without her husband finding out. So every time they got together he gave her ten minutes to get him off with her hands or mouth. But if she couldn’t, he would fuck her and come wherever he wanted.

The first couple of times she did everything she could to get him off as quickly as possible, getting naked, sucking him off, looking into his eyes, touching herself. And it worked so far, though it started to get closer and closer to the ten minutes each time.

But then, despite the blackmail, her shame, her marriage and everything, she started to anticipate the first time that timer ran out without him coming, when he would finally push her down on the floor and take her pussy like he had been threatening to. She knew when that happened he would find out how wet she was. She wasn’t going to be able to hide her orgasms and he would come inside her, maybe even get her pregnant, and the unwilling betrayal of her husband would be complete.

The girl in the apartment complex across the street was having…

The girl in the apartment complex across the street was having sex in the middle of the day in full view of the window again. And, as usual, I was masturbating while watching her. She is sexy as hell to begin with, but today she was really into it. I suddenly noticed that the guy wasn’t her live-in boyfriend and that was so hot, I blew my load all over the wall. Before cleaning up, I had the presence of mind to grab my camera. Maybe we’ll see what she’s willing to do to keep these pictures private.

Back in high-school she had slept with her boyfriend’s…

Back in high-school she had slept with her boyfriend’s best friend. She ended up marrying her boyfriend and she convinced his friend to keep it their guilty secret. They were still occasionally a little flirty around each other and once her husband even asked her if there was something going on, but she managed to lie her way out of it.

That worked out fine for a while. But then her husband and his friend had a falling out over some money issue and it turned into a fight. Her poor husband got his ass kicked hard and vowed never to see his old friend again.

A few weeks later, the now ex-friend stopped by in the middle of the day when her husband was at work. She let him in, expecting he was there to apologize. But instead, he told her that since he wasn’t friends with her husband anymore, he didn’t see why he should have to keep their little secret.. that is unless she wanted to give him some reason to right here on the couch. He started to undress in front of her.

She froze. It would kill her husband if he knew they slept together, and he would probably expect she had been cheating all along. But if she gave in, she would be cheating, and with her husband’s worst enemy, and one she had to admit she had fantasied about a little. She didn’t know what to do. But by then he was undressed and she knew she had missed the opportunity to stop him.

Internal Memo: Due to high demand for the program there is now a…

Internal Memo: Due to high demand for the program there is now a large number of helicopter parents trying desperately to get their brats in at all costs. Therefore, the admissions director will no longer be wearing a condom when meeting alone with interested young moms.

One poorly-considered, drunken blowjob for her neighbor when her…

One poorly-considered, drunken blowjob for her neighbor when her husband was out of town and she would be easily blackmailed into being his whore. It would be a terrible predicament if not for the fact that the shame, guilt and submissiveness of it all gave her the best orgasms of her life..

That was the rule. If she wanted my help with her money…

That was the rule. If she wanted my help with her money problems, and didn’t want me to tell her husband about it, she had to be available to me, any time, any place.