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John’s wife’s arch rival in her re…

John’s wife’s arch rival in her real estate business has asked her to go in on a deal with him. John was pretty surprised by that. The guy was a very aggressive businessman, and far more successful than either of them. He had taken several deals from her and had made her paranoid that he would swoop in and steal every one of her clients. She hated him, or so she said.

But now she was getting ready to meet him at some new property downtown. John didn’t see why the guy needed her for this. She was taking it seriously, though. She took a long time getting ready and she looks fantastic. John started to wonder how much of her ‘hatred’ was based on admiration or even infatuation… and maybe not all of it professional. If the deal went through, they would have a lot of chances to be alone together at the new property. He was a powerful man. What would she do to impress him? Or what would she let him do?

The first time he was inside her he slapped he…

The first time he was inside her he slapped her on the ass, hard. Later, when she thought about it, she cried a bit at that. It was so disrespectful.. of her, and her poor husband who always treated her so gently. It was like he was like he was showing her that her body belonged to him now and he could do whatever he wanted to her.

But it was also the guilt. Mostly the guilt. Because it was fucking true. When it actually happened, he shortcut her right into sharp orgasm and she moaned his name like a whore. All of her earlier reluctance was gone. She begged him to slap her again. She wanted him to dominate her. It was the whole reason she let him take her into her bed in the first place. The rougher he was with her, the more wet she got, and the more she panted and squealed and grinded on him like she really did belong to him.

She didn’t have an answer for a guy like him. Stare at her tits, call her his slut, rip her panties, leave obvious bite marks and bruises, grab her ass in public, photograph her naked, put his dick in her mouth, sext her in the middle of dinner, fuck her, spank her, come inside her, get her caught, get her pregnant. Her guilt didn’t matter to him, and neither did her marriage. And she was going to let him have everything.

What did you think would happen? There were a…

What did you think would happen? There were a lot of rough guys at that party. When you had such an obvious fight with her and stormed out, it signaled to everyone that she was now a completely undefended, hot piece of ass who didn’t even have a ride home..

When the resistance collapsed and the town fin…

When the resistance collapsed and the town finally fell to the invaders, the enemy soldiers ran rampant, looting and pillaging and taking anything they wanted from the villagers. As the undefended, pretty young bride of the local rebel leader, though, you were taken right to the commander for a special night of questioning..

Warning Sign: He told you he fucked your girl…

Warning Sign: He told you he fucked your girlfriend. He said he had her moaning on his bare dick the whole night. But you know he’s just saying that to bully you. She wouldn’t betray you like that. And if he was fucking her, he would keep it a secret, right?

The last time John’s neighbor had an all…

The last time John’s neighbor had an all night party, his wife couldn’t sleep so he went over to ask them to keep it down. They didn’t respond well to that, and things eventually escalated into a fight that sent John to the ER for stitches.

The next time they had a party, not wanting to get his ass kicked again, John sent his wife to talk to them. She was 100 lbs, petite, and innocently shy. He assumed they wouldn’t dare hit her, and he was right. Instead, the neighbor got her drunk and found much more entertaining things to do with her. When she didn’t return, John lay awake in bed afraid to go find her. Instead he tortured himself with mental images of the neighbor putting his big dick in her small body while she looked up at him in awe, of her ashamed but coming anyway, way too quickly, fucked into complete submission in the stranger’s bed.

The next day, when she finally wandered home, she told him that was pretty much exactly what happened.

They wrote their own marriage vows, he insiste…

They wrote their own marriage vows, he insisted on it. In his, he told her that he would love her forever and nothing she could do that would make him love her less.

But that made her feel a bit sad because she knew it probably wasn’t true. Sooner or later her new husband’s bullying business rival was going to get her pregnant. Or she would get careless and he would find them in bed with the guy’s big dick inside her and her squealing and begging for it like a whore. Or he would look in a window and see her there with her pretty lips wrapped around his dick. Then her poor, faithful husband would know that his rival had laid claim to her body a long time ago and had been fucking her behind his back pretty much their whole relationship, and would probably want her even more now that she wore a ring.

John turned in one of the worst bullies in his…

John turned in one of the worst bullies in his school for cheating. It was a risky move, but John was brave, if only to impress his girlfriend. He figured he could handle him if he had to and it would be worth getting beat up to get him out of their school.

But the bully never came for him. Instead he waited in the woods behind the school and introduced himself to John’s pretty little girlfriend.

She didn’t ask to be here with him, nake…

She didn’t ask to be here with him, naked and vulnerable. None of this was her fault. She was in this situation because her husband was weak and couldn’t protect her. So she decided she wasn’t going to lay there feeling sorry for herself. She would roll with it. And if this man could make her come, it certainly looked like he could, then she was going to let herself come.

And he was big. When he pushed into her the first time she called out. She knew it would encourage him but she couldn’t help it. So she looked him in the eyes and wrapped her legs around him and decided not to be quiet. If her defeated husband, pouting downstairs, didn’t want to hear it, he could leave.

In a moment of weakness she had given into him…

In a moment of weakness she had given into him before. She remembered him as the cool kid in her high school. Now he was so powerful in the town, son of the only real employer left. Maybe she was star-struck that he was paying attention to her. Or maybe she just had way too much to drink. He had cornered her alone after they left the bar and she took him in her mouth and sucked him off with hands on the back of her head and the toe of his shoe rubbing her through her shorts. He came in her mouth and she swallowed. She didn’t come, but she sure wanted to.

After that, rumors got back to her husband. She felt guilty as hell but still managed to deny everything. He didn’t know her as sexually adventurous, he thought she was as boring as he was, so he gave her the benefit of the doubt. He was also terrified to cross his boss’s son. Like most problems in his life, he probably wanted to hide until it all went away.

But it wasn’t going away for her. Most of the time she felt stupid and dishonest and told herself it would never happen again. But then she’d find herself thinking about it and pressing her legs together or pushing her crotch into the bedpost. She wondered what else he could do with that big dick. She imagined telling him that he owed her one and then slipping off her shorts. She went back to the same bar more than once, maybe hoping to run into him, then hating herself for days after when she thankfully didn’t.

Then one evening, right after dinner, the bastard showed up at her house. He told her he had to talk to her privately and made to lead her up the stairs. There was no doubt what he really planned to do. She paused, waiting for her husband to object or to intervene. Instead he stood there silent and pale like he was paralyzed, not making eye contact with either of them. It was like he was relinquishing his claim on her body.

Exasperated, she let herself be taken by the hand up the stairs. He had his hand on her ass before they were even at the top and he didn’t even bother to find a bedroom before he had his dick in her mouth again. But by this time he had her undressed too and he made it clear that there was going to be a lot more than a rushed blowjob tonight. She gave in to everything. They found the bed soon after.