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When she stopped to think about it, of course …

When she stopped to think about it, of course she had serious misgivings about cheating on her husband and risking her perfect family life. She knew she would be second guessing herself tonight, especially if her coworker got her alone. WHEN he got her alone. So she planned ahead. She wore a skirt that could be removed in seconds and underwear that was barely there at all.

She wanted him fast, needed him inside her, before she felt too guilty or either one of them thought too much about the fact that they were probably making a huge mistake.

You know that one “friend” of yours, the girl …

You know that one “friend” of yours, the girl who always tries to outdo you at everything? Thinner, prettier, better career. You started yoga, she became an instructor. You bought a luxury sedan, she went for the sports car. She’s always friendly, but overly competitive, and she tries to show you up at every opportunity. Sometimes she succeeds, and you try to not let it bother you, but sometimes it does.

Anyway, that girlfriend of yours never gave your husband the time of day when you were all single. But now you are married and she is not, and she just met up with him for drinks in a hotel bar downtown. A hotel that happens to have vacancy. Complete privacy, a minibar, and a really comfortable bed are a 40 second elevator ride away.

My wife’s 18-year old sister asked to sp…

My wife’s 18-year old sister asked to speak to me alone, so I invited her over one morning after everyone was out of the house. She was leaving for college at the end of the summer, and she told me she was embarrassed to still be a virgin. She was shy about her lack of experience and worried that guys there would find it weird. She said she knew I was pretty experienced and she asked if I had any ..advice.. for her. So I suggested tutoring.

Warning Sign: You know your professor husband…

Warning Sign: You know your professor husband was way too shy to hit on one of this students, so you’ve never given it a second thought. Until one of his friends made a crude joke and it occurred to you that maybe one of those students would make the first move. If he was invited back to some hot little tramp’s dorm room, he would say no, right?

She finally got drunk enough to admit to her b…

She finally got drunk enough to admit to her brother-in-law that all of their flirting was seriously turning her on and that they were obviously attracted to each other. There were so many opportunities to be alone, they agreed that it would be a disaster if they didn’t control themselves. It would break up their families and cause heartache for everyone.

But there was a lot of sexual tension to be dealt with. He suggested they masturbate together, naked but with no contact whatsoever. They could look but not touch. That would be breaking some rules but at least they wouldn’t be sleeping together. She had never seen a man masturbate before and was nervous and curious all at once. So she agreed, if only to prevent something worse from happening.

He came over the next day. She was reluctant getting naked in front of him, until he was there, fully erect, and then the craving in her pussy took over. He had a perfect cock, she couldn’t take her eyes off it while she touched herself and when he came on her kitchen floor, she came too, better than she ever had with her vibrator or her husband.

She felt bad about it all week, convinced her husband would know something was up. But when he didn’t change his behavior in the least, and when he bored her again in the bedroom after another Saturday date night, she started to relax and to fantasize about the next time she could masturbate with her new partner. She realized her sexual tension wasn’t gone, if anything it was worse.

So the next week she invited her brother-in-law over again, as soon as her husband was off to work. This time they started like before, only they didn’t discuss ground rules and they started a lot closer together. Before she could come he kissed her. His hand found her pussy and she didn’t stop him. After he finger-fucked her to an orgasm, she took her wedding ring off and spread her legs for him and let him put his dick inside her there in her kitchen for their very first fuck. Then they gathered their clothes and headed to her bed for round two.

Warning sign: Your husband told that twenty-y…

Warning sign: Your husband told that twenty-year old trust-fund brat from next door that she could use your pool whenever she wanted. You know she’s been over before, but never once when you were there. Your husband is probably just clueless enough to think it is all innocent, him being nice to the neighbor. Sure, he’s too shy to hit on her anyway. But what is he going to do when the little princess gets bored enough one day to slink out of her bikini in front of him?

After he discovered emails, pictures and video…

After he discovered emails, pictures and videos revealing his wife’s affair with his best friend, he decided to confront her that night when she got home. In the mean time, he would spend the day packing his things and arranging for another place to stay. But before any of that, he forward as many of the most incriminating emails he could to his best friend’s wife. If his marriage was going to die, he would make sure so would theirs.

But then it occurred to him how cruel that was. None of this was her fault, she was going to be surprised the same way he was. He felt bad about that, so he drove over to his friend’s house to talk to her. Only it was too late. She answered the door looking pale and defeated, with red-rimmed, tear-stained eyes. He didn’t know what to do so he hugged her. She looked beautiful in a fragile sort of way, with strands of her hair going everywhere, her small breasts poking through her t-shirt. She was shaking.

And then something in him snapped. He held her tighter, feeling her breasts and the warmth between her legs. He pushed her back into her house and kicked the door closed behind him. He would hurt his former best friend by doing more than breaking up his marriage. He was going to hate-fuck his friend’s wife right there in their living room. He pushed her down onto her ugly couch and she slapped him then, hard. But she had her legs spread and was breathing hard, almost panting. They paused for a second and then she pulled him onto her and her nails dug into his shoulders while she humped him through his pants. She was angry too, and had nothing to lose. He tore her panties and she had tears in her eyes when he pushed into her, but she told him to go harder and faster and she bit him in the neck when he made her come.

Their encounter made it easier to confront their spouses afterwards and in the end both couples saved their marriages, though the two men would never speak to each other again. Still, after all of that, and even once her marriage was recovered, his ex-friend’s wife would never say no to him. Once in a while they would meet in the park, or in a motel outside of town, or just in one of their cars, and fuck each other until they could barely walk. They knew not to email each other, or to take pictures or videos. Unlike their spouses, they could keep a secret.

They knew their spouses would find out eventua…

They knew their spouses would find out eventually, so they started to have fun with it – like driving past their houses in the middle of the day while he finger-fucked her.

He promised he wouldn’t take his dick ou…

He promised he wouldn’t take his dick out, that he would just touch her and that way it wouldn’t really be cheating it would just be making out.

She agreed to that and told herself it made sense, even though they both knew that getting finger-fucked by your handsome co-worker in some hotel room was definitely cheating. And, once he got her off that way, she knew she would want more and would most likely pull his dick out herself, and then it was going right in her mouth and then pussy.

Her friend was visiting for a week and they ha…

Her friend was visiting for a week and they had all kinds of things planned. There was just one morning where she would have to go to work for a meeting. As she drove away she felt a sudden pang of nervousness. Her friend and husband had really hit it off last night and now they were both alone in the house, waking up and getting showered. She knew her husband was too shy to try anything.. her friend wasn’t that forward either. She couldn’t picture the girl climbing into her husband’s bed and reaching for his dick. Probably it would be fine.

As it turns out, her friend didn’t climb into the bed. She got up and got into the shower, like a good girl. She just neglected to close the door, so that anyone walking down the hallway could see her there in the glassed-in shower, naked and wet, standing with her legs just a bit apart, breasts out, hands on the small of her back, smiling. She didn’t have to wait very long for company after that.