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Your husband’s business partner is in an…

Your husband’s business partner is in an open relationship, and sometimes it seems like his wife is willing to fuck almost anyone. You and your husband were shocked by that at first, it certainly wasn’t the kind of marriage you had. But secretly you were a tiny bit jealous of her experience and freedom.

It got complicated when word about her got out and some of their investors and business partners started to get confused about which wife was which. You felt awkward around everyone, but a tiny bit curious too and more than a few of them told you that you were the prettier one. Your husband’s company couldn’t afford to lose any investors, so your husband begged you not to hurt anyone’s feelings too badly.

Then at a work function at a nice hotel, a particularly important investor, one that happened to be young, rich and stylish, asked you to come to his room one night after your husband had already left you there to go to an after-party with a customer. You should have been furious that he was so bold. But he was close enough that you could smell his cologne and see the stubble on his cheeks. So many of the investors were gross old men, but not this one. You realized that you could just say yes and follow him upstairs for an hour or two and no one would ever know. He waited patiently while you debated internally between the common-sense good wife you thought you were, and the growing aching-demanding-throbbing between your legs.

I found marijuana in her car during a routine …

I found marijuana in her car during a routine security check. That’s grounds for immediate dismissal here. She was pretty distraught, lots of crying. She swore that her husband must have left it in her car and that she never touched the stuff. Begging, telling me she had young kids and that she needed her job.

Normally she doesn’t get an appeal and it doesn’t matter what her excuses are. But I’m not entirely without mercy, and she’s a pretty one, even with tears ruining her makeup. So I told her to pull her car around the garage in the back and we would find another way to deal with it.

Warning sign: You arrived home a day early aft…

Warning sign: You arrived home a day early after being away for a week. Your wife is nowhere to be seen, but her sexiest pair of panties is lying in the middle of the bathroom floor, the shower is still steamy, her towel is still wet, and worst of all, so is yours.

Her coworker suggested one more glass of wine …

Her coworker suggested one more glass of wine and she hesitated. Wine made her feel lightheaded and agreeable, even spontaneous, clouding her judgment.

And she knew after this he was going to invite her into his room again, just like the last time and the time before that. She would have to say no again. If she said yes, he and she both knew what would happen. He would touch her and take off her dress and she would give in to everything. She’d take his big hard dick in her mouth and suck him while grinding herself into his leg. She wanted him to come all over her neck and breasts. Then she’d get him hard again and let him into her pussy and she’d take every inch and fuck him back as hard as she could. She wanted to break the bed, to come on his bare cock, scratch him and beg for it, feel him explode inside her, milk him dry.

Then her dangerous work friend would finally be her lover, every pretense of restraint would be gone, and every business trip would end in his hotel bed or hers, or the shower, or the back seat of the rental car, or the hot tub, or an airplane bathroom, or wherever else he would kiss her neck and reach up her skirt. And every promise she made to her husband, some as recent as last night, would be broken and crushed and eventually she wouldn’t care when he cried and begged because his penis couldn’t make her feel this way and she was bored with him and got off on the idea of him finding out, finding her naked with another man, the man he was so nervous about last night.

It all made her so nervous and flushed to think about it. And wet between her legs. One more glass of wine..

When the government collapsed and the police a…

When the government collapsed and the police abandoned their posts, John left his wife at home and went into the town to act out his emergency plan to try to get as much supplies together before everything was looted.

His neighbor, though, had a different kind of emergency plan. He went to John’s house, verified that John wasn’t there, and acted out his long-time fantasy by bending John’s wife over the kitchen table and fucking her like it was the end of the world.

Warning sign: Your best friend only ever want…

Warning sign: Your best friend only ever wants to play golf when your fiance comes along. You were starting to worry that he had a crush on her and was using the golf games as an excuse to see her.

But then you realized that it could be that you had it all backwards. Maybe the problem wasn’t when they were flirting with each other right there in front of you, but what might be happening when neither of them was there at all… because maybe then his friend knew for a few hours she was home all alone.

The last time John’s neighbor had an all…

The last time John’s neighbor had an all night party, his wife couldn’t sleep so he went over to ask them to keep it down. They didn’t respond well to that, and things eventually escalated into a fight that sent John to the ER for stitches.

The next time they had a party, not wanting to get his ass kicked again, John sent his wife to talk to them. She was 100 lbs, petite, and innocently shy. He assumed they wouldn’t dare hit her, and he was right. Instead, the neighbor got her drunk and found much more entertaining things to do with her. When she didn’t return, John lay awake in bed afraid to go find her. Instead he tortured himself with mental images of the neighbor putting his big dick in her small body while she looked up at him in awe, of her ashamed but coming anyway, way too quickly, fucked into complete submission in the stranger’s bed.

The next day, when she finally wandered home, she told him that was pretty much exactly what happened.

He had always been awkward around his friend&r…

He had always been awkward around his friend’s wife because he was infatuated with her and his friend was a jealous and insecure jerk. He found himself sneaking looks at her ass in her sexy jeans or accidentally brushing up against her in the hall. He honestly couldn’t tell if he was acting normally or not. It was torture.

It was a lot easier now that he had seen her naked and and knew first-hand what her pussy felt like and what she could do with her mouth. He didn’t have to steal looks when no one was watching, he could totally act normal around his friends when she was there. He could just wait until tomorrow when she stopped by after work, and he’d undress her, explore every inch of her body, listen to her whimper and moan his name, and have his way with her while no one else was there to see it.

He said he was -almost- disappointed at how qu…

He said he was -almost- disappointed at how quickly your fiance dropped her panties for him. It was like she was expecting it. She always seems so innocent, he was expecting more of a challenge.

He asked her to work out with him fairly late,…

He asked her to work out with him fairly late, after 10 pm. He sent her a text. It looked innocent enough, but she knew what it really meant. She had already told him that her husband worked early and was often in bed by 9. She knew that the gym was practically deserted by 11 or so, so when they were showering, there would be almost no one else there.

And he had joked about it. One day told her he was going to follow her in to the showers, made like he meant it. Suddenly all of her flirting and playfulness seemed shockingly serious. It was one thing to pretend, but she loved her husband. He took care of her, kept her satisfied, was trying to give her a baby. How could she open the door to another man? That time it was early and the locker rooms weren’t empty. When she stepped into the shower alone, the feelings of guilt shifted back into her lustful fantasy. She imagined he was really in the shower with her. She looked down at her body, lathered her breasts and between her legs, touched herself. She knew she looked good these days. She would look even better with her fit new friend between her legs. She wanted to know what his cock looked like.. what it felt like in her hand, or in other places.

She thought about that shower and her conflicted feelings while she tried to decide what to do about his text. She knew she was submissive, even shy, and she wanted to impress him. That was dangerous. The time to say no to him was now. Once he had his big hands on her naked hips she would let him do anything. The thought of letting him take her like that made her wet right there in the grocery store. She had to text him back now, reprimand him. Put a stop to it. But then she told herself she should think about it and started to think of ways to justify it.

Maybe it was just flirting, maybe he had no bad intentions at all, just wanted to hang out with her. It could be she was misinterpreting all of his advances and she could work out, enjoy another shower fantasy, and go home a faithful wife.

Or.. or he really would come into her shower, push past her token defenses, put his hands on her breasts, kiss her neck, squeeze her ass rougher than she was used to, fingering her while she panted until she guides his cock into her herself, then he railing her against the shower wall while she bites his shoulder to try to be quiet, he expertly holding out until he was sure she came more than once, teeth marks all over his shoulder and neck, she watching his body press into hers thinking about her stupid husband at home because it makes it even hotter, he coming inside her because she doesn’t care if it is safe, gushing out of her, he giving her a ride home afterwards while he fondles her through her yoga pants, she agreeing too fast to meet him again this week, kissing him in her driveway and squeezing his dick, the start of a torrid affair that would last for almost a year until they got careless and her husband found her on their couch with her lover’s perfect cock in her and she had to tell him that the baby she was going to have almost certainly wasn’t his.

So.. if she said yes, one or the other would happen. So she responded to the text and agreed to meet him at the gym that night.