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He had been away for weeks now and the long-di…

He had been away for weeks now and the long-distance was taking a toll on his relationship. She had been so annoyed with him lately, barely even finding the time to talk to him or return his texts. She hated being alone, he would have to find a way to make it up to her.

Then out of the blue she asked him for a webcam conversation. He was suddenly panicked that she was trying to break up with him. It would be like her to want to do it face to face, if only to show him how angry she was. But when the call started she was on her bed, and she silently started removing her clothes. She was performing a strip tease for him, and it was hot. He watched her eagerly, taking out his dick and stroking himself while she looked into the camera and slowly, sensually, removed everything.

She looked right at the camera while she finally removed the last piece of clothing, her sexy lace panties. She looked so beautiful then, aroused, breathing heavy, giving him a come-hither stare.

It was absolutely perfect for a few wonderful seconds.. until suddenly she rolled on her back, spread her legs, and another man stepped into the frame, joined her there on her bed, and, while she moaned encouragement, mounted her with practiced ease.