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The first time he was inside her he slapped he…

The first time he was inside her he slapped her on the ass, hard. Later, when she thought about it, she cried a bit at that. It was so disrespectful.. of her, and her poor husband who always treated her so gently. It was like he was like he was showing her that her body belonged to him now and he could do whatever he wanted to her.

But it was also the guilt. Mostly the guilt. Because it was fucking true. When it actually happened, he shortcut her right into sharp orgasm and she moaned his name like a whore. All of her earlier reluctance was gone. She begged him to slap her again. She wanted him to dominate her. It was the whole reason she let him take her into her bed in the first place. The rougher he was with her, the more wet she got, and the more she panted and squealed and grinded on him like she really did belong to him.

She didn’t have an answer for a guy like him. Stare at her tits, call her his slut, rip her panties, leave obvious bite marks and bruises, grab her ass in public, photograph her naked, put his dick in her mouth, sext her in the middle of dinner, fuck her, spank her, come inside her, get her caught, get her pregnant. Her guilt didn’t matter to him, and neither did her marriage. And she was going to let him have everything.

She was disappointed that he couldn’t gi…

She was disappointed that he couldn’t give her the baby she always wanted, but she told him she gave him a lot of credit for trying so hard over the last year. And now she said she thought of him as her hero. Because, thanks to his open-mindedness, they were still going to raise a child together.

It didn’t necessarily make it any easier sitting at home every single night, all night, while his childhood sweetheart went to the bed of his old rival, her ex, to be fucked and eventually impregnated..

…Especially when he discovered that she had still been secretly prescribed the pill all this time and only actually went off them last week.

I may have accidentally ruined my coworker&rsq…

I may have accidentally ruined my coworker’s wedding… by impregnating his fiance.

They had a deal. She was terrified of getting…

They had a deal. She was terrified of getting pregnant but he wasn’t going to use a condom and she couldn’t go on the pill without her husband finding out. So every time they got together he gave her ten minutes to get him off with her hands or mouth. But if she couldn’t, he would fuck her and come wherever he wanted.

The first couple of times she did everything she could to get him off as quickly as possible, getting naked, sucking him off, looking into his eyes, touching herself. And it worked so far, though it started to get closer and closer to the ten minutes each time.

But then, despite the blackmail, her shame, her marriage and everything, she started to anticipate the first time that timer ran out without him coming, when he would finally push her down on the floor and take her pussy like he had been threatening to. She knew when that happened he would find out how wet she was. She wasn’t going to be able to hide her orgasms and he would come inside her, maybe even get her pregnant, and the unwilling betrayal of her husband would be complete.

She was in love with her boyfriend, the only p…

She was in love with her boyfriend, the only person she had ever even dated. He was responsible and he treated her like a queen. She called him her soul mate and they planned for a future together.

But then on a random park bench on a business trip to Europe she met a man who would sweep her off her feet, and the panties off her hips. He was ten years older, wealthy and married. But he talked to her in a way that set her heart pounding and her pussy on fire. She let him buy her dinner and then obediently followed him back to his hotel room. It was the first night away she didn’t call her boyfriend. She didn’t even think about him. She wanted to be naked. There was no hesitation in her mind to let this man do whatever he wanted to her and she gave him everything that night, and every other night of her trip.

When she got home, her boyfriend was already suspicious so she admitted some of what happened, without details, and then she dumped him. He was crushed. He told her he was planning to propose. She felt terrible about it, but not so guilty that she couldn’t have long distance phone sex with her new lover that night.

What followed was a whirlwind five year affair. He would often fly her to wherever he was, take her to fancy restaurants, put her in the best hotels, and then fuck her into sweet submission every night. Or he would visit her and stay in her apartment, she would cook for him and they would smoke pot, drink wine and stay naked for days. Sometimes they couldn’t see each other for a month or two, and the desire would drive her crazy. But it was always worth the wait when they were reunited and he put his hands on her.

Eventually though time was starting to catch up with her and she realized more than anything she wanted to have his baby. But she had come to terms with the fact that he was never going to leave his family for her and she didn’t think she could manage it as a single mom.

So she went back to her old boyfriend. He was living with some girl, but she lured him out one night by telling him she wanted to catch up, then told him how much she missed him an how things weren’t the same now. She could tell he was still hung up on her and it wasn’t that hard seducing him back into her bed. He broke up with his girlfriend and took her back and they started making plans, again, for a future together.

He really did love her, so much that she thought maybe he wouldn’t notice certain things.. Like the tall, dark, European man she invited to their wedding that no one else seemed to know. Or the fact that she would disappear, sometimes for hours, with no real explanation, including the very morning of their wedding. Or how she showed up to that wedding beaming but flushed and slightly disheveled, hair a bit out of place, a few odd bruises, and already pregnant with another man’s baby.

She married young because she really wanted to…

She married young because she really wanted to have a baby. But her husband was having some intimacy issues and it wasn’t working. He was terribly embarrassed and refused to talk to anyone about it, and she wouldn’t dream of talking to her friends, so she went alone to their pastor. He was younger and single, and knew her husband when they were just boys. But she couldn’t think of anyone else to go to.

She cried when she told him her dilemma. He told her he understood and agreed to meet with her but suggested they do so at her house when her husband was at work. This seemed innocent enough at the time so she agreed.

The first two times it was no big deal except he asked to see her bedroom and asked some personal questions about her love life and things like what she wore to bed and whether or not she touched herself. She tried to be honest with him and not to be embarrassed. The third time he put one hand behind her neck and the other on the inside of her thigh and kissed her. That was so terribly wrong but her girl parts screamed with desire so strong she felt almost drunk with it. Guilty or not, it was very easy to just go along with it and let him take her to her bed. She knew she was inexperienced but one ever made her feel like that before. It was a spiritual event, in a way, just not the kind she was expecting. After that first penetration she was wiling to do anything he wanted her to. She readily agreed to more meetings in the coming weeks.

She was now regularly satisfied, but a few months later she found herself even more desperate to solve her husband’s problem. Because – if he doesn’t figure out how to make love with her soon, he’s never going to believe the baby is his.

He wasn’t always the most perceptive guy…

He wasn’t always the most perceptive guy but there were warning signs all over the place. His wife was often home late and she was evasive and secretive about where she was. He knew she was sometimes up texting someone late at night and she put a pass code on her phone for the first time. It seemed that she was overly nervous and distracted and she started showering right after work. He even started finding sexy pairs of panties in the wash that he didn’t know she owned.

So he decided to test her a bit. He planned a couple of nights away to take their child to see his parents out of state, so his wife would have the house to herself. Then he carefully counted the pile of assorted condoms they had in their nightstand. To his relief, though, when he got back they were all still there and untouched.

She and her husband weren’t trying to ha…

She and her husband weren’t trying to have a baby, necessarily, but two months ago they agreed that she would go off the birth control pills just to see what would happen.

What happened was a drunken encounter with her handsome boss in his hotel room at a conference, and now she was weeks late. But he handled her so well in bed, all she could think of was that for the next nine months she could fuck him without worrying about getting pregnant – and maybe her husband would even think the baby was his.

Warning sign: That obnoxious jerk you always …

Warning sign: That obnoxious jerk you always hated just loudly told everyone at your table and practically the whole restaurant that he has never used a condom in his life, and that “his bitches learn to love it bareback”. Everyone laughed at him, except, you noticed, your girlfriend, who was looking down at her salad and blushing, with her hands in her lap and her knees pressed close together, like she was worried about something.

It was her first company retreat. She warned …

It was her first company retreat. She warned all of the married women in her company about him, about how he would hit on anything he found sexy, that a wedding ring wouldn’t matter to him at all. She told them all that he wouldn’t rest until he was in someone’s panties and that if they weren’t careful, one of them would be waking up with deep regrets the next morning.

Then, that first night, after a few too many drinks and some stimulating conversation, it was her panties he stripped off and her married, unprotected pussy he fucked for hours with his bare cock in her hotel bed.