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He was never that smart or ambitious. He wasn…

He was never that smart or ambitious. He wasn’t offered a job at the big tech company in town like so many of his friends. But he did inherent his father’s auto-repair shop. They all made money, got married, had families, but he had to work hard just to stay afloat.

And now, with the company going under and so many people in town out of work, not everyone could pay for their car repairs. He decided to make the best of it. So he made it clear to some of the prettier young housewives in town that they could discretely pay him a different way, right in the back seat of their own cars.

The first time he was inside her he slapped he…

The first time he was inside her he slapped her on the ass, hard. Later, when she thought about it, she cried a bit at that. It was so disrespectful.. of her, and her poor husband who always treated her so gently. It was like he was like he was showing her that her body belonged to him now and he could do whatever he wanted to her.

But it was also the guilt. Mostly the guilt. Because it was fucking true. When it actually happened, he shortcut her right into sharp orgasm and she moaned his name like a whore. All of her earlier reluctance was gone. She begged him to slap her again. She wanted him to dominate her. It was the whole reason she let him take her into her bed in the first place. The rougher he was with her, the more wet she got, and the more she panted and squealed and grinded on him like she really did belong to him.

She didn’t have an answer for a guy like him. Stare at her tits, call her his slut, rip her panties, leave obvious bite marks and bruises, grab her ass in public, photograph her naked, put his dick in her mouth, sext her in the middle of dinner, fuck her, spank her, come inside her, get her caught, get her pregnant. Her guilt didn’t matter to him, and neither did her marriage. And she was going to let him have everything.

What did you think would happen? There were a…

What did you think would happen? There were a lot of rough guys at that party. When you had such an obvious fight with her and stormed out, it signaled to everyone that she was now a completely undefended, hot piece of ass who didn’t even have a ride home..

When the resistance collapsed and the town fin…

When the resistance collapsed and the town finally fell to the invaders, the enemy soldiers ran rampant, looting and pillaging and taking anything they wanted from the villagers. As the undefended, pretty young bride of the local rebel leader, though, you were taken right to the commander for a special night of questioning..

I found marijuana in her car during a routine …

I found marijuana in her car during a routine security check. That’s grounds for immediate dismissal here. She was pretty distraught, lots of crying. She swore that her husband must have left it in her car and that she never touched the stuff. Begging, telling me she had young kids and that she needed her job.

Normally she doesn’t get an appeal and it doesn’t matter what her excuses are. But I’m not entirely without mercy, and she’s a pretty one, even with tears ruining her makeup. So I told her to pull her car around the garage in the back and we would find another way to deal with it.

When the government collapsed and the police a…

When the government collapsed and the police abandoned their posts, John left his wife at home and went into the town to act out his emergency plan to try to get as much supplies together before everything was looted.

His neighbor, though, had a different kind of emergency plan. He went to John’s house, verified that John wasn’t there, and acted out his long-time fantasy by bending John’s wife over the kitchen table and fucking her like it was the end of the world.

The last time John’s neighbor had an all…

The last time John’s neighbor had an all night party, his wife couldn’t sleep so he went over to ask them to keep it down. They didn’t respond well to that, and things eventually escalated into a fight that sent John to the ER for stitches.

The next time they had a party, not wanting to get his ass kicked again, John sent his wife to talk to them. She was 100 lbs, petite, and innocently shy. He assumed they wouldn’t dare hit her, and he was right. Instead, the neighbor got her drunk and found much more entertaining things to do with her. When she didn’t return, John lay awake in bed afraid to go find her. Instead he tortured himself with mental images of the neighbor putting his big dick in her small body while she looked up at him in awe, of her ashamed but coming anyway, way too quickly, fucked into complete submission in the stranger’s bed.

The next day, when she finally wandered home, she told him that was pretty much exactly what happened.

Her husband, John, was always a bit insecure a…

Her husband, John, was always a bit insecure about their relationship and recent work stress and financial trouble was making it worse. Then she did something stupid. They were hanging out at their apartment complex pool one Saturday and the landlord’s college-aged kid was in town and he was cocky enough to flirt with her right in front of him. She thought it was cute and harmless, so she flirted back. She felt playful and sexy in her little bikini. But John was devastated. He barely talked to her for days and she knew it would be weeks before he would touch her again in the bedroom. And he wasn’t keeping up with her needs as it was.

While she was pouting about all of that and feeling sorry for herself, her ex-boyfriend called. He was back in the country briefly and wanted to take her to lunch. She should have said “no”, but instead she met him and, three glasses of wine later, she invited him back to her apartment, hours before her husband would be home. They were barely in the door before she had his cock out of his pants and they had a marathon fuck session that left her bruised and satisfied, just like old times. Her marital bed had never seen so much action, she thought the box spring would break.

She really needed it, but she felt terrible after he left, bad enough to be physically ill. For two days she had to have a few drinks just to face her clueless husband, who was still hurt over the damn pool incident but fortunately didn’t seem to guess something else had happened. And, since he was still not sleeping with her, he wouldn’t notice the hand-print on her ass. She told herself it was all a stupid mistake and that she would have to live with the guilt and make sure he never found out anything. And she told herself no matter how good the sex, no matter how much she needed a proper fuck, she was never, ever going to betray him like that again.

One week later, as she was just getting out of the shower and thinking about what to do with the day, the doorbell rang. It was the landlord’s son, the one that started this whole mess at the pool. He didn’t say anything, he just held up his phone with a cocky smile on his face. On it was several moments of footage from the building security camera, just enough to show her kissing her ex-boyfriend goodbye at her door. She was in a bathrobe, open enough to show the curve of her breasts, and her ex had his hands all over her. Her hair was a mess and they were kissing like they meant it – any idiot could tell they had just fucked. She was caught. He looked at her with a smile and let his eyes wander all over her. She was wearing the same bathrobe. He expected to be let in, and not just to the apartment. There wasn’t anything she could do this time, so she stepped back and opened the door. Then she led him to her bedroom and obediently dropped her robe.

She finally got drunk enough to admit to her b…

She finally got drunk enough to admit to her brother-in-law that all of their flirting was seriously turning her on and that they were obviously attracted to each other. There were so many opportunities to be alone, they agreed that it would be a disaster if they didn’t control themselves. It would break up their families and cause heartache for everyone.

But there was a lot of sexual tension to be dealt with. He suggested they masturbate together, naked but with no contact whatsoever. They could look but not touch. That would be breaking some rules but at least they wouldn’t be sleeping together. She had never seen a man masturbate before and was nervous and curious all at once. So she agreed, if only to prevent something worse from happening.

He came over the next day. She was reluctant getting naked in front of him, until he was there, fully erect, and then the craving in her pussy took over. He had a perfect cock, she couldn’t take her eyes off it while she touched herself and when he came on her kitchen floor, she came too, better than she ever had with her vibrator or her husband.

She felt bad about it all week, convinced her husband would know something was up. But when he didn’t change his behavior in the least, and when he bored her again in the bedroom after another Saturday date night, she started to relax and to fantasize about the next time she could masturbate with her new partner. She realized her sexual tension wasn’t gone, if anything it was worse.

So the next week she invited her brother-in-law over again, as soon as her husband was off to work. This time they started like before, only they didn’t discuss ground rules and they started a lot closer together. Before she could come he kissed her. His hand found her pussy and she didn’t stop him. After he finger-fucked her to an orgasm, she took her wedding ring off and spread her legs for him and let him put his dick inside her there in her kitchen for their very first fuck. Then they gathered their clothes and headed to her bed for round two.

Now, every time she’s late, or doesn&rsq…

Now, every time she’s late, or doesn’t answer her phone, or goes out without him, he pictures her there the way her found her that terrible day – naked with his boss’s dick in her mouth.