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He had been away for weeks now and the long-di…

He had been away for weeks now and the long-distance was taking a toll on his relationship. She had been so annoyed with him lately, barely even finding the time to talk to him or return his texts. She hated being alone, he would have to find a way to make it up to her.

Then out of the blue she asked him for a webcam conversation. He was suddenly panicked that she was trying to break up with him. It would be like her to want to do it face to face, if only to show him how angry she was. But when the call started she was on her bed, and she silently started removing her clothes. She was performing a strip tease for him, and it was hot. He watched her eagerly, taking out his dick and stroking himself while she looked into the camera and slowly, sensually, removed everything.

She looked right at the camera while she finally removed the last piece of clothing, her sexy lace panties. She looked so beautiful then, aroused, breathing heavy, giving him a come-hither stare.

It was absolutely perfect for a few wonderful seconds.. until suddenly she rolled on her back, spread her legs, and another man stepped into the frame, joined her there on her bed, and, while she moaned encouragement, mounted her with practiced ease.

After he discovered emails, pictures and video…

After he discovered emails, pictures and videos revealing his wife’s affair with his best friend, he decided to confront her that night when she got home. In the mean time, he would spend the day packing his things and arranging for another place to stay. But before any of that, he forward as many of the most incriminating emails he could to his best friend’s wife. If his marriage was going to die, he would make sure so would theirs.

But then it occurred to him how cruel that was. None of this was her fault, she was going to be surprised the same way he was. He felt bad about that, so he drove over to his friend’s house to talk to her. Only it was too late. She answered the door looking pale and defeated, with red-rimmed, tear-stained eyes. He didn’t know what to do so he hugged her. She looked beautiful in a fragile sort of way, with strands of her hair going everywhere, her small breasts poking through her t-shirt. She was shaking.

And then something in him snapped. He held her tighter, feeling her breasts and the warmth between her legs. He pushed her back into her house and kicked the door closed behind him. He would hurt his former best friend by doing more than breaking up his marriage. He was going to hate-fuck his friend’s wife right there in their living room. He pushed her down onto her ugly couch and she slapped him then, hard. But she had her legs spread and was breathing hard, almost panting. They paused for a second and then she pulled him onto her and her nails dug into his shoulders while she humped him through his pants. She was angry too, and had nothing to lose. He tore her panties and she had tears in her eyes when he pushed into her, but she told him to go harder and faster and she bit him in the neck when he made her come.

Their encounter made it easier to confront their spouses afterwards and in the end both couples saved their marriages, though the two men would never speak to each other again. Still, after all of that, and even once her marriage was recovered, his ex-friend’s wife would never say no to him. Once in a while they would meet in the park, or in a motel outside of town, or just in one of their cars, and fuck each other until they could barely walk. They knew not to email each other, or to take pictures or videos. Unlike their spouses, they could keep a secret.

When he found her on their bed naked for a won…

When he found her on their bed naked for a wonderful moment he thought maybe she had forgiven him and come back to him to make up. Then he saw the wet spot.

Warning sign: she practically demanded that y…

Warning sign: she practically demanded that you make love to her the night before leaving on her trip, which was very unlike her. You were so excited, you lost control and came long before getting her off, she gave you a look that was both expecting and disappointed. It felt like she was trying to show herself that you couldn’t get her off to justify finding someone else to do it on her trip. Like she gave you one last chance, and you failed.

The rebellion was gaining control of whole sec…

The rebellion was gaining control of whole sections of the capital and there were rumors of spies everywhere, in the palace servants, the guards, even in the royal family. When Prince John’s beautiful wife fell under suspicion, he decided it was time to go into hiding. His wife was much younger and they had only been married for two years, but they loved each other dearly and she had stood by him faithfully. They ran to a safe house in the countryside.

But it was only a few nights later when somehow the rebels found him there. Two soldiers dragged him off of this bed, naked and crying. The rebel commander himself walked into the bedroom and pronounced him under arrest. His wife only sat on the bed watching it all, not even bothering to hide her slender, pale, nearly-naked body from them. He was terrified at what they would do to her, but at the moment they only focused on him. The rebel commander read his charges and pronounced his sentence. The soldiers tied his hands behind his back. The last thing he saw, before the two of them dragged him out of the building to be shot in the courtyard, was his supposedly loyal young wife smiling coyly as she knelt before the rebel commander, taking his dick into her mouth.

She married a conservative politician who had …

She married a conservative politician who had some pretty antiquated ideas about gender roles. He was getting pretty angry at her lack of attention lately, so today he told her that he expected the entire house to be clean before he got home.

So I ordered her a maid service. That freed up her entire afternoon, so she came over to play. Well worth the money it cost.

Her husband knew that she worked with her ex, …

Her husband knew that she worked with her ex, and he never objected before. But then he started to have problems satisfying her in the bedroom and when she talked to him about it, the discussion inflamed a jealous streak. He begged her to leave her job and to switch to working at home. In truth, she was starting to feel attracted to her ex again and her job was stressful and demanding and gave them lots of chances to be alone. So partially to head off a guilty situation, she did as he asked and quit.

But that led to a lot of boring afternoons at home. She drank, got high, masturbated, whatever she could to pass the time. The highlight of her week was the pool cleaner, a man around her own age who visited every Tuesday morning. He was fit and confident in a way her husband wasn’t. She would work on the pool deck those days just to talk to him.

Then one Tuesday getting dressed she had the wicked thought to put on her most revealing thong and sit on the edge of the pool and wait for him, just to see what could happen. After a couple of drinks, she decided she would try to flirt with him, too. By the time he got there, she was drunk and in heat. They didn’t even talk – she didn’t resist when he kissed her or took her bathing suit bottoms off. And when he mounted her bareback she just moaned into his mouth and begged him to make her come.

His wife was furious with him for standing her…

His wife was furious with him for standing her up at her work party. It was only fair, she had been to a million things like this with him and now he wasn’t supporting her when she needed it. Still, there was nothing he could do now.

He started to get a bit worried when she wasn’t home well after midnight. Then he started to panic, wondering how low she would go to get revenge. Finally he got a text message that was the worst punch in the gut of his entire life. It was a picture of her, with only one word: “before”.

Warning Sign: Your old college roommate was crazy and fun, but…

Warning Sign: Your old college roommate was crazy and fun, but also a hot mess. She was self-destructive, constantly messing around with the wrong guy, into drugs, taking risks. She would fuck guys to get revenge on their girlfriends, out of boredom, or just for the conquest.

You had your wild years too, and you two had a lot of fun back in school, but that’s not the girl you are now. You are settling down, getting married, working on your career, and thinking about planning a family. So why the fuck would you introduce this girl to your fiance?

Warning sign: You got your girlfriend an internship at your old…

Warning sign: You got your girlfriend an internship at your old company, which is great, but surprisingly it looks like she’ll be assigned to your ex. You know your ex-girlfriend can be really hard to work for and pretty much treats interns like her personal property, and on top of everything you two didn’t split on very good terms. Worse, your new girl is pretty easily intimidated and can sometimes be taken advantage of by authority figures. You can’t do much about it except to hope your ex acts professionally and encourage your girlfriend to work hard and keep her head down until the six month assignment is over..