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The first time he was inside her he slapped he…

The first time he was inside her he slapped her on the ass, hard. Later, when she thought about it, she cried a bit at that. It was so disrespectful.. of her, and her poor husband who always treated her so gently. It was like he was like he was showing her that her body belonged to him now and he could do whatever he wanted to her.

But it was also the guilt. Mostly the guilt. Because it was fucking true. When it actually happened, he shortcut her right into sharp orgasm and she moaned his name like a whore. All of her earlier reluctance was gone. She begged him to slap her again. She wanted him to dominate her. It was the whole reason she let him take her into her bed in the first place. The rougher he was with her, the more wet she got, and the more she panted and squealed and grinded on him like she really did belong to him.

She didn’t have an answer for a guy like him. Stare at her tits, call her his slut, rip her panties, leave obvious bite marks and bruises, grab her ass in public, photograph her naked, put his dick in her mouth, sext her in the middle of dinner, fuck her, spank her, come inside her, get her caught, get her pregnant. Her guilt didn’t matter to him, and neither did her marriage. And she was going to let him have everything.

What did you think would happen? There were a…

What did you think would happen? There were a lot of rough guys at that party. When you had such an obvious fight with her and stormed out, it signaled to everyone that she was now a completely undefended, hot piece of ass who didn’t even have a ride home..

When the resistance collapsed and the town fin…

When the resistance collapsed and the town finally fell to the invaders, the enemy soldiers ran rampant, looting and pillaging and taking anything they wanted from the villagers. As the undefended, pretty young bride of the local rebel leader, though, you were taken right to the commander for a special night of questioning..

When the government collapsed and the police a…

When the government collapsed and the police abandoned their posts, John left his wife at home and went into the town to act out his emergency plan to try to get as much supplies together before everything was looted.

His neighbor, though, had a different kind of emergency plan. He went to John’s house, verified that John wasn’t there, and acted out his long-time fantasy by bending John’s wife over the kitchen table and fucking her like it was the end of the world.

The last time John’s neighbor had an all…

The last time John’s neighbor had an all night party, his wife couldn’t sleep so he went over to ask them to keep it down. They didn’t respond well to that, and things eventually escalated into a fight that sent John to the ER for stitches.

The next time they had a party, not wanting to get his ass kicked again, John sent his wife to talk to them. She was 100 lbs, petite, and innocently shy. He assumed they wouldn’t dare hit her, and he was right. Instead, the neighbor got her drunk and found much more entertaining things to do with her. When she didn’t return, John lay awake in bed afraid to go find her. Instead he tortured himself with mental images of the neighbor putting his big dick in her small body while she looked up at him in awe, of her ashamed but coming anyway, way too quickly, fucked into complete submission in the stranger’s bed.

The next day, when she finally wandered home, she told him that was pretty much exactly what happened.

Her boyfriend’s roommate was a bully and…

Her boyfriend’s roommate was a bully and a jerk and he didn’t make a secret about the fact that he wanted to get her naked. On top of it, her boyfriend owed him money and needed the apartment, at least until the school year was over. He, at least, was stuck.

And for her it was getting more and more complicated. She was surprised to discover she apparently had a thing for tough guys, and it felt really hot to be wanted. She took to wearing skimpy clothes around him just to get a reaction. Playing with fire. Her boyfriend wasn’t keeping up with her in the bedroom, he was up studying most nights, or stuck in the lab again. The stupid roommate with his muscles and gym shorts was seriously starting to fuck with her composure. More and more she was anticipating an encounter where he brushed off her meaningless protests and she ended up bent over the couch with her pussy finally getting the pounding it deserved. It wasn’t a question of whether or not she would be willing to cheat on her poor boyfriend. It was starting to feel inevitable.

Eventually he cornered her in the kitchen one morning after her boyfriend had left. He was dressed up for work, she still in a nightshirt and sweatpants. He caressed her cheek, then his hand wandered, until he found his way down her pants. Despite her expectations, she froze at first, stood there blushing and almost panicked, but then his finger pushed into her and she sighed despite herself. She felt bad, but they both knew this was coming. He finger-fucked her there while she stood in her poor boyfriend’s kitchen, panting with her eyes closed, bowl of cereal completely forgotten on the counter. He didn’t stop until she came, then he kissed her mouth and he left for work. They didn’t say anything to each other the whole time, nor did they act any different that night once her boyfriend was back.

But the line had been crossed. It went without saying that the next time her boyfriend left early he was going to try to fuck her and she was going to let him. As soon as they were alone she went right to his room, in just her panties and bra. He was waiting. He pulled her down her almost gently. With a little encouragement, though, she got the rough sex she wanted. His cock filled her up and he rode her hard. She did ask him to use a condom – her boyfriend had never been inside her without one. But he said no, so she gave in to that too and let him in bareback. She didn’t tell him where to come, so the first time she ever cheated on her boyfriend was also the first time a man ever ejaculated in her. The feeling made an impression. They spent the rest of the morning lounging around naked, exploring and teasing each other. When he started to get hard again, she sucked him off and swallowed, another first. Then she stretched out on the bed like a cat while he made her breakfast. Two days a week her boyfriend would be leaving early. He told her next time he was going to tie her to the bed post. She was so excited, she could hardly wait.

John turned in one of the worst bullies in his…

John turned in one of the worst bullies in his school for cheating. It was a risky move, but John was brave, if only to impress his girlfriend. He figured he could handle him if he had to and it would be worth getting beat up to get him out of their school.

But the bully never came for him. Instead he waited in the woods behind the school and introduced himself to John’s pretty little girlfriend.

After he discovered emails, pictures and video…

After he discovered emails, pictures and videos revealing his wife’s affair with his best friend, he decided to confront her that night when she got home. In the mean time, he would spend the day packing his things and arranging for another place to stay. But before any of that, he forward as many of the most incriminating emails he could to his best friend’s wife. If his marriage was going to die, he would make sure so would theirs.

But then it occurred to him how cruel that was. None of this was her fault, she was going to be surprised the same way he was. He felt bad about that, so he drove over to his friend’s house to talk to her. Only it was too late. She answered the door looking pale and defeated, with red-rimmed, tear-stained eyes. He didn’t know what to do so he hugged her. She looked beautiful in a fragile sort of way, with strands of her hair going everywhere, her small breasts poking through her t-shirt. She was shaking.

And then something in him snapped. He held her tighter, feeling her breasts and the warmth between her legs. He pushed her back into her house and kicked the door closed behind him. He would hurt his former best friend by doing more than breaking up his marriage. He was going to hate-fuck his friend’s wife right there in their living room. He pushed her down onto her ugly couch and she slapped him then, hard. But she had her legs spread and was breathing hard, almost panting. They paused for a second and then she pulled him onto her and her nails dug into his shoulders while she humped him through his pants. She was angry too, and had nothing to lose. He tore her panties and she had tears in her eyes when he pushed into her, but she told him to go harder and faster and she bit him in the neck when he made her come.

Their encounter made it easier to confront their spouses afterwards and in the end both couples saved their marriages, though the two men would never speak to each other again. Still, after all of that, and even once her marriage was recovered, his ex-friend’s wife would never say no to him. Once in a while they would meet in the park, or in a motel outside of town, or just in one of their cars, and fuck each other until they could barely walk. They knew not to email each other, or to take pictures or videos. Unlike their spouses, they could keep a secret.

She liked to tell herself that she was the inn…

She liked to tell herself that she was the innocent victim, that she never would have cheated on her poor boyfriend willingly, but the worst bully in the neighborhood had cornered her and the only real way out was to give herself to him. Except when she was being honest with herself she had to admit that wasn’t quite the whole story. She was the one who kept finding reasons to be alone with him. She would stand too close, make eye contact for too long, give him a naughty smile. And she really got off on the damsel in distress fantasy, coming almost as soon as he pinned her down and pushed himself into her. He teased her that first time about how fast she had given in to him, about how desperate she must have been for a real man. That was probably true too. Her mind felt guilty but her body responded to his strength, he could dominate her in the bedroom like her boyfriend couldn’t ever manage.

Then there was the dirty talk. When he got her undressed he told her he was going to tell her boyfriend what she did and send him pictures of her body covered in his come. That should have made her terrified, but instead her pussy was wet right away and she moaned and pressed herself into him until he made her come. She felt filthy and horrible but she didn’t stop. Then he told her that tomorrow he was going to come over, beat up her boyfriend, and fuck her in her own bed, she practically exploded, coming loud and hard and grinding into him until he came too.

Her husband got himself into trouble and had t…

Her husband got himself into trouble and had to get out of town and fast, and for that they needed money. She had an idea. She used to date a guy who was something like the town pot dealer. Her brief relationship with him was a mess, though he knew how to push her buttons, especially physically. People were terrified of him, he had a reputation as a tough guy, not like her sweetheart husband. But he always had cash on hand and she still had a key to his place. She convinced her husband to keep a look out while she went in to see what she could steal. If he saw the guy coming he could give her a warning and she could run for it. He reluctantly agreed.

They set things up, she went in, started looking around, found quite a bit of money just where he used to keep it. But then the guy pulled into the driveway. Her husband sounded the alarm and she bolted for the exit, scared but excited at the thrill of all of it.

She almost made it to the door.